Canonical Ties Ubuntu Server Development to OpenStack
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Canonical Ties Ubuntu Server Development to OpenStack
by Sam Dean - Sep. 18, 2012Comments (3)
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Along with RedHat, Rackspace and many others, Canonical has been steadily marrying its cloud strategy to the open source OpenStack platform. In February of last year, we discussed how Canonical was deepening its relationship with OpenStack, and it has kept doing so. Now, in a new blog post, Canonical's Mark Baker notes that Canonical has released the Cloud Archive for Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Server, an online software repository from which administrators can download the latest versions of OpenStack, for use with the latest long-term support (LTS) release of Ubuntu."This is hugely significant step for OpenStack users, because it means they can now access the latest OpenStack releases and betas on a stable and supported platform that is certified with many of the leading server vendors," writes Baker.According to Baker's post:"With OpenStack, which underpins Ubuntu Cloud Infrastructure, we needed to think about how we would deliver the new OpenStack releases on 12.04 LTS without backporting, as using the Backports Archive would restrict the number of versions we could support concurrently (unless we opted for multiple Backport archives). OpenStack made the early decision to implement their development processes around the Ubuntu development process and to follow our release cadence. This has helped OpenStack deliver features with pace and on a deadline but crucially, it has allowed us to put continuous integration testing in place to integrate and test OpenStack code as soon as it is committed.""So with OpenStack we are now building, integrating, testing and publishing all the OpenStack milestones and stable releases on 12.04 LTS. This is a departure from our previous policy but the process for updates getting into the Ubuntu Cloud Archive has been designed to closely align with the processes that the normal Ubuntu Archive would have for Stable Release Updates." As you can see, Ubuntu's development is even being married to OpenStack's. Meanwhile, OpenStack's next Folsom release is rapidly approaching. Datamation has a good video interview with Jonathan Bryce, one of the founders of the OpenStack initiative at Rackspace, who provides an update on the upcoming Folsom version of the OpenStack platform.
ubuntu cloud computing Canonical OpenStack Jonathan Bryce
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by Jack G on Sep. 18, 2012More fragmentation in the Private Cloud space.
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by an anonymous user on Sep. 18, 2012Ubuntu used to have a lot of support for Eucalyptus too. Are they now switching horses or are they just ensuring compatibility? Looks like the former.
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by Jack G on Sep. 18, 2012I agree. Eucalyptus, CloudStack, OpenStack and then all the proprietary source guys and then the PaaS guys. Do we really need 3 disparate 'operating systems' for cloud architectures?
Citrix has thrown their weight behind CloudStack, which is now under the Apache license. Rackspace and others are behind OpenStack. Where does that leave Eucalyptus?
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