Fedora 23 a No-Go, Final Not Delayed Yet
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Fedora 23 a No-Go, Final Not Delayed Yet
by Susan Linton - Oct. 30, 2015Comments (1)
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At tonight's Fedora 23 Final Go/No-Go meeting number two, it was decided that several proposed blockers wouldn't delay the release, but one other issue did. Christian Schaller wrote of some of new and improved features coming in Fedora 23 and Matt Asay today said, "Red Hat is boring." The Ubuntu 16.04 release schedule was posted and Sam Varghese reported today on Linux distribution PrisonPC. In tonight's second Go/No-Go meeting for the Fedora 23 Final, scheduled after last week's No-Go result, it was again decided the code wasn't ready to ship. Discussed in the meeting were proposed blockers concerning an installer crash for iSCSI LUNs with LVM filesystems, a GNOME crash when attaching a third monitor using Intel drivers, and a Yelp application regression. None were deemed serious enough or effecting enough people to violate their release criteria. However, the Final was blocked by another issue altogether. It turns out the release notes had yet to be updated in Fedora 23, still being for Fedora 22. Another internal RC will be composed and tested and another Go/No-Go meeting was planned for Friday evening to re-evaluate the situation. The Final release date hasn't been delayed and Fedora 23 is still expected on November 3. Christian Schaller blogged yesterday that Wayland in Fedora 23 is shaping up very well saying, "Despite a few glitches it now works well enough for me to not have to switch back into the X11 session anymore." He also said some other features coming include a "new firmware update system" that can update your supported hardware firmware from GNOME Software. Google Drive support in the file managers, "ambient light sensors support" for laptops, and a tech preview of Xdg-App, a containerized application installer and updater. In a slightly related article, Matt Asay said that Red Hat is boring in the way it makes it money. They don't chase venture capital, announce crowd-funding schemes, or gouge their customers. He said Red Hat takes "a more measured approach to earning customer dollars by selling enterprise value." The release schedule for the next version of Ubuntu, 16.04 codenamed Xenial Xerus, has been posted. The toolchain has already been updated for the next release and the feature freeze is November 26. Loyal Ubuntuists can expect Alpha 1 on December 31, Alpha 2 January 28, and Beta 1 on February 25. A second beta is anticipated around March 24 and perhaps a release candidate about April 14. Ubuntu 16.04 is scheduled for release on April 21, 2016. In other news: * PrisonPC: How Linux plays a useful role behind bars * Plasma 5.5 wallpaper contest * Philly's Linux Laptop Pizza Party this Saturday
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by leslie satenstein on Oct. 31, 2015Quote
Matt Asay said that Red Hat is boring in the way it makes it money. They don't chase venture capital, announce crowd-funding schemes, or gouge their customers. He said Red Hat takes "a more measured approach to earning customer dollars by selling enterprise value."
What is important to a corporate client (RH=corporations)? Cost, uptime, performance and controlled change.
What is important to many who are new to Linux. Learn, experiment, try new distributions and compare. Reinstall or run new distributions in a vm.
Fedora is the feeder system to RedHat. If RedHat doesn't think an application is useful, it will not be implemented or sponsored for Fedora. By sponsor (recompiled and if necessary, debugged as Fedora updates to newer releases)
Fortunately we have Fedora Remixes. These are versions of Fedora with the other stuff that you find in rpmfusion.org and elsewhere. Add those to Fedora and you end up with something truly useable for a wide range of users.
Two excellent Fedora Remixes may be reviewed from ChapeauLinux.org and the Kororaproject.org. Both are excellent Linux distributions.
Back to Fedora23. There is not much new from Fedora22. No amazing applications or significant additions.
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