Fedora Shake Up, Linus Interviewed, and Mint 16 Reviewed
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Fedora Shake Up, Linus Interviewed, and Mint 16 Reviewed
by Susan Linton - May. 20, 2014Comments (0)
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Our top story tonight Fedora project lead has tendered her resignation saying it's about time. In other news, Linus Torvalds, father of Linux, was interviewed by TechScape's Bill Robinson. And finally, Gary Newell blogged about his recent experiences with Linux Mint 16. Yesterday Fedora Project Leader Robyn Bergeron announced her retirement from the Red Hat sponsored project. Bergeron held this position for two years after 18 months a program manager. She says now is a good time to move on because Fedora 20 was such a milestone and Fedora.NEXT could use new blood. She says the Red Hat hats and her Fedora compatriots are supportive of her decision but her replacement is yet to be announced. Bergeron's future plans remains undetermined at this time. eWeek.com has a video interview with Bergeron on the subject as well. Linus Torvalds was interviewed recently by Bill Robinson. The questions were a bit general and almost didn't even mention Linux at all. Some questions were: * What excites you in Technology today? * What happens in your estimation between Google and Microsoft when it's all been said and done? * How will Technology change our lives in the future? And finally today is a review of Linux Mint 16 by Gary Newell over at the Everyday Linux User. He concludes with saying he can understand why Mint is so popular. It has familiar and easy desktops and loads of software for everything. He said, "Linux Mint probably is the most complete and easy to use operating system. It is definitely worth trying."
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