KNOPPIX 6.7.0 Delivers a Few Surprises
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KNOPPIX 6.7.0 Delivers a Few Surprises
by Susan Linton - Aug. 06, 2011Comments (8)
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Once upon a time KNOPPIX was the king of hardware detection and an innovator in live CD technology. Well, time passed and more distribution developers began concentrating on live images and pretty soon remaster applications let anybody with an idea release their own Linux distribution. The Linux kernel itself took most of the hardware detection and configuration burden off developers.  KNOPPIX then began declining in popularity and for a while seemed to be morphing into a specialty distribution. Well, I lost track of it about then and didn't think of it again until yesterday when I heard 6.7.0 was available. I figured I might take a look and see what it's been up to lately.It's been quite a while since I last used KNOPPIX and a few things have changed. First thing that I noticed was how fast my copy booted. I don't usually hold a slow live image boot against a distro because one almost expects this to be the case (although some are slower than others). So, it was quite the pleasant surprise to experience one so fast. Then I was startled out of my chair by what was supposed to have been a soothing female voice informing me that the start-up sequence had been initiated. I'd heard this before, perhaps in KNOPPIX, but one forgets those kinds of things usually - or at least I did. So, surprise number two arrived and I hadn't even seen the desktop yet.There I was met with a few others. One of those was the LXDE desktop. Last I tested KNOPPIX it was using KDE. LXDE is pretty cool too. It's a bit minimal, but it'll do. It was dressed up with a pretty wallpaper that I liked. I actually liked it quite a bit.  KNOPPIX used to strike me as a utilitarian-type desktop system. Perhaps that was just a wrong impression or it's trying to change its image. In any case, surprise number four was the dissolving Compiz Fusion logo when the desktop started. and then to find several cool effects enabled by default. One is a breaking apart of the windows at close and the explosion or disintegration of smaller dialogs. Another is the genie effect when minimizing (or restoring) windows. Others include the revolving cube desktop, wobbly windows, and fading menus. Well, everybody's seen these effects by now, but I just didn't expect them in KNOPPIX (especially using Nouveau drivers).6.7.0 features Linux, X.Org X Server 1.10.2, and GCC 4.6.1. I don't think Chrome was even around last time I tested KNOPPIX, but I'm not surprised about it using it (Chromium 12.0 to be more exact). It also provides GIMP 2.6.10, LibreOffice 3.3.3, GNOME MPlayer, Daisy book reader, Orca screen reader, Pidgin, and Wine. KNOPPIX is based on Debian, so it uses the APT Package Management System and KNOPPIX ships with Synaptic. Hard drive and USB installers are also included.My impression of KNOPPIX 6.7.0 is that this release seems really well put together. Of course, that isn't a surprise - KNOPPIX always was a quality system.  I might even try to use 6.7 for a few days and see how it does under a full-daily-grind. For hoppers, this is a must try; for those looking for a new home, here's an idea; and for others, well, you might like it too.
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by an anonymous user on Aug. 06, 2011Well, it has a DVD edition too. KNOPPIX is an excellent live system to carry on the flashdrive (boots quickly and has persistence option).
I don't know if you read the release announcement before writing the review but it explains some things (like the CD has this system to aid visually impaired people).
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by GS on Aug. 06, 2011Great review of Knoppix! The version before 6.7 was also a pleasure to use, and I was impressed by the speed and elegance of the distro. I remember, however, that HDD installation isn't really recommended, but I had read this bit of info quite some time ago. This could have changed since then, feel free to correct me if I am wrong.
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by an anonymous user on Aug. 07, 2011I used Knoppix back in the day like everyone else. It was so cool to actually boot into an OS from a CD - my jaw dropped the first time I did it. I've also used in the past as a recuse tool or to test hardware issues. It's a shame that it didn't take off as it was such a cool, innovative system. And now since every linux distro has the ability to boot from a live CD, I'm afraid Knoppix will just linger into eternity without ever making it to the mainstream desktop. Such a shame, but paved the way for so much more. Thank you Knoppix!
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by alan on Aug. 09, 2011Was one of the best os and still is.
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by Dave on Aug. 09, 2011Back in the Day! after spending a year or so trying to get sound and video working correctly on my red hat 6.0 (or so) so that I could do multi-track recording I found knoppix's 1st or second release. I tried it and loved it cause EVERYTHING worked and I then installed it, sound worked and I was one my way to multi-track heaven and used it up until kanotex and other Debian children and finally Ubuntu and now Mint. Knoppix was easy to use and I learned a lot about Linux using it (I am not an IT person, just somebody who came to the conclusion that something wasn't right with MS Windows) so there is a special place in my heart for it. I took the latest release and put in on a USB and now playing with it again :) and it feels like I am home again.
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by an anonymous user on Aug. 11, 2011When in doubt I whip it out....and boot to Knoppix to troubleshoot/diagnose hardware issues and recover files from puked Windows partitions!
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by Govindarajan on Sep. 26, 2011The first version of knoppix I used was 5.1 and I first used a CD. I was surprised by the contents of the DVD when I downloaded a DVD version. Knoppix looks cool and I like it very much.
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by cors__cors on Mar. 23, 2012ill ve trying knnopix too, and before my concern was how to install into the hhd, but now with this new version, is just amazing. i really like how smooth everything runs, and i suggest just to promote more this kind of SO, i told my friends about it and to my clients i suggest to install it for free dualing other SO they use. here in Mexico is hard to change peoples way to see other SO but since this version all my friends just love it and recomend it. now i gotta more work than before thanks Knnopix team. Un abrazo a todos ustedes Amigos.
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