Mandriva Delays Bankruptcy Decision
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Mandriva Delays Bankruptcy Decision
by Susan Linton - Jan. 17, 2012Comments (5)
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In a short post today Jean-Manuel Croset said that recent events have lead the failing company to postpone any final decisions for a week. Earlier this month a letter to shareholders stated that Mandriva would have to close its doors by January 16 without an influx of capital. January 16 came and went without word while anxious users paced the floors over at the Mandriva Forums. Then earlier today Croset published his post. Unfortunately, it's a little short on detail.All we know now is that someone is interested in buying Mandriva, but it's still in the talking stage. It sounds as though Mandriva is hoping for an official written offer by January 23. If it comes through, and the check clears, Mandriva may be saved. I said it last time, Mandriva always seems to pull some benefactor out of the hat at the last minute every time. Let's hope there's a little of that magic left this time. Croset said they would let us know on January 23 the future of Mandriva.
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by an anonymous user on Jan. 17, 2012Does this show that Open source based business is not sustainable?
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by Mechatotoro on Jan. 17, 2012Thanks, Susan. I needed to hear something about this.
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by an anonymous user on Jan. 18, 2012Mandriva is like a scorching case of herpes. It just won't go away!
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by an anonymous user on Jan. 19, 2012@anon, "not sustainable" seems to be not valid as any kind of business should be unsustainable whether it is bad managed/handled
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by an anonymous user on Jan. 21, 2012@Anon, well, please, you enlighten us with the nitty gritty details of how your scorching case of herpes is related to this topic.
or not.
Anyway - that Mandriva is poorly managed is a perennial thing.
They alienated beyond belief their community support
and in doing so removed all hope of ever again being of any importance.
Better the name just go bankrupt so we can all remember
it in association with the good old days back when it was
a distro in good standing.
The very fact that it is still listed on distrowatch is an embarrassment
to the linux community, after what the management of Mandriva
has done to it by deliberately running it into the ground,
all apparently done in the name of corporate insider profit
at the expense of the employees and the future of the distro.
Greed is so destructive
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