Mozilla Delivers a Compelling Version of Firefox for Android
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Mozilla Delivers a Compelling Version of Firefox for Android
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Mozilla Delivers a Compelling Version of Firefox for Android
by Sam Dean - Jun. 26, 2012Comments (0)
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Today, Mozilla is out with the official version of Firefox for Android, the company's mobile iteration of its popular openb source browser. The official release follows a long beta test, including an extensive overhaul of the mobile browser's interface. It appears that this mobile browser will get upgraded on the same rapid release cycle that Firefox is on now, and Firefox for Android is already getting some good notices. Google is expected to release a mobile version of Chrome at its Google I/O conference next week, and while Mozilla has had mobile versions of Firefox before, Firefox for Android represents the company's biggest chance to scoop up market share with mobile users.It looks like Firefox for Android will be very competitive with the browsing experience on the iPhone. Like computer-based versions of Firefox, the mobile browser supports add-ons, and add-ons are a primary reason why many users favor Firefox. Likewise, Firefox for Android works seamlessly with Flash content, while Apple's iOS devices don't. That is a huge plus for Firefox for Android, given that about 80 percent of the video content online is Flash.Firefox for Android no longer has an XUL-based interface, as we reported here.  Instead, the mobile browser has a fully native interface with native widgets. You can get the browser now, so if you're an Android user, give it a spin.
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