PCLinuxOS 2012.2 Released
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PCLinuxOS 2012.2 Released
by Susan Linton - Feb. 02, 2012Comments (7)
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Today, February 2, is Bill "Texstar" Reynolds' birthday, but it's the community who received the present. PCLinuxOS 2012.2 KDE was released today in a full sized version as well as a mini.This release ships with Kernel 2.6.38 and KDE 4.6.5. It comes packed with lots of your favorite apps like LibreOffice (installer), Firefox, TvTime, VLC, and the GIMP. The appearance hasn't changed since the last release, but some additional goodies have been added. One of which is the PCLinuxOS Documentation Portal which will take users to the various features of the PCLOS Website or service.   Sadly, Texstar has actually turned over the day to day operations to his small development team and community volunteers. He said, "The Dr. says no more PCLinuxOS for me for a while cuz I've been doing way too much and ran out of gogo juice. Sooo I'm turning over lots of duties to others."See the full announcement for more detail and download options.  On a related note, the February 2012 Issue of The PCLinuxOS Magazine Released.
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by an anonymous user on Feb. 03, 2012I'm still waiting for my birthday present from last year from PCLinuxOS
And I quote:-
27th June 2011
"PCLinuxOS KDE 2011.6 for 32 and 64 bits computers is now available for download. A 64 bit only release will be available in the coming weeks. PCLinuxOS KDE 2011.6 features the following updates". Blah blah blah...
It has been a long time, that we all have been waiting, for the 64 bit version to arrive.
The candles have already burnt themselves out, many times over.
No good advising people that have signed up to your forums, on what is happening to the 64 bit version.
Announce it to the world, like every other positive announcement you put out there!
Be a man, and stop hiding behind your Texan G.U.N. Yeehaww!
Ride 'em Cowboy.
P.S. I do like your distro, but do not, when you make up excuses that you should have made clear the first time around.
Just what I'm thinking partner! Don't take offense, just fix it. :)
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by an anonymous user on Feb. 03, 2012Since the 27th of last year of some god forsaken month of interest in posting news, there was to be a 64 bit version.
Almost a year later, it is still missing in the blog-a-sphere of the net.
Oh when, oh when will the 64bit arrive?
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by simfox on Feb. 03, 2012The 64-bit PCLinuxOS has been available since September. It is actually stable, but with a reduced package list, which has been the primary drag on its final release. Download it from any of the normal PCLinuxOS mirrors, such as http://ftp.jaist.ac.jp/pub/Linux/PCLinuxOS/live-cd/ near the bottom of the ISO list: "pclinuxos64-test04.iso" and enjoy. Of course, you can then help to speed things up by sending bug reports to the forum.
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by an anonymous user on Feb. 04, 2012A test version isn't a final version for all to use. I think this is what the post is pointing out.
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by Matt on Feb. 04, 2012How come it ships with KDE 4.6, rather than the newly released 4.8?
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by Vakkotaur on Feb. 05, 2012And that is (or was) rather hidden for most folks. While I quite understand not having a set timetable for the 64 bit release it would have been nice to see some public updates on progress and maybe a listing of milestones to at least get a rough idea of how far along things are. I have tried a couple of the 64 bit test versions and would even be running one a significant part of the time if it wasn't for one oddity of mine. I have one program that is sadly 32-bit only and demands extensive 32 bit support (Phoenix Firestorm, the Second Life viewer). I know, the 64 bit stuff takes precedence and I understand that. I hope I can run (a true 64 bit) PCLinuxOS full time again soon. I'm making due with other distributions and keep getting annoyed at how things that I expect to be simple are not and missing PCLOS.
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by an anonymous user on Apr. 10, 2013PCLinuxOS KDE 64 final released!!
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