Speech Recognition: There Actually Is An Open Source Solution
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Speech Recognition: There Actually Is An Open Source Solution
by Sam Dean - Jul. 21, 2010Comments (5)
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If you happen to have followed the path of speech recognition software over the years, you know that it's been a rocky road. Pundits ranging from Ray Kurzweil to Bill Gates, have, at various times, proclaimed speech recognition to be the wave of the computing future, but you probably rely on mice, keyboards and pointing devices to interact with computers more than microphones. Today, there is an interesting query posted on Slashdot, asking whether there is any free, open source software in this area. Well is there?Speech recognition software has gotten better over the years, but the problem with it remains that it's in the neighborhood of 90 percent accurate--if you train the software to get used to your inflections--and that's not good enough for some people. It is good enough for some, though. I know some journalists who do all their transcriptions with Dragon's proprietary software, or with IBM's ViaVoice. But what are the open source alternatives?As the commenters on Slashdot note, one of the most robust open source speech recognition solutions comes from Carnegie Mellon University. It's called Sphinx, and we covered it here. You can use Sphinx for straight speech recognition, or integrate it with applications. To find out more about Sphinx, check out this post from Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. My sense is that Dragon remains the most common speech recognition choice for most people. Sphinx continues to mature, though, and I won't be surprised to see it become adopted by many. 
Sphinx Speech Recognition Dragon Naturally Speaking
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by an anonymous user on Jul. 22, 2010Simon too is a very promising opensource Linux speech recognition program!
Check this out here:http://kde-apps.org/content/show.php?content=73815&vote=good&tan=34459939
So it is probable and possible that opensource can provide professional tools in this area too!
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by an anonymous user on Jul. 23, 2010protect your comment-fields at least with captchas!
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by Art Leslie on Jul. 25, 2010I have a special interest in voice recognition software since my Father is blind. As of yet, I have not succeeded in finding something that he can actually use. With his blindness being a possible genetic pass-thru and both my sisters already having had laser surgery on their eyes, it's always in the back of my mind that perhaps one day "I" may be the one relying on such a software.
I truly hope that enough interest emerges for a good OpenSource software to be developed that would be available to everyone regardless of their financial situation.
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by Anna on Oct. 18, 2010Hi,
Doing my research I find free to download book about Speech recognition. Maybe you are interested.
Chapters cover all the essential speech processing techniques for building robust, automatic speech recognition systems and other speech processing applications that can use the information from automatic speech recognition for speaker identification and tracking, for prosody modeling in emotion-detection systems and in other speech processing applications that are able to operate in real-world environments, like mobile communication services and smart homes.
You can find and download it here: http://www.intechopen.com/books/show/title/speech_recognition
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by David on Mar. 23, 2011When compared with something like Dragon NaturallySpeaking There seems to be nothing out there for Linux yet (I am sure it will change in time, but I suspect it will take a while, as I am not sure that many people are interested).
The only Linux option for me at the moment is to try and promote DNS as a a supported product by CodeWeavers. If anyone reading this thread is interested, a vote may help ...
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