Top Open Source Tools For Writers
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Top Open Source Tools For Writers
by Sam Dean - May. 28, 2010Comments (2)
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In this day and age, with all things going digital, the world of writing is getting a little smaller--just ask many of the former newspaper writers and editors beating the bricks out there. Still, good writers will always be with us, and tools for writing continue to evolve. In the open source arena, there are many great writerly applications available. Here are some good resources for finding them.Five Open Source Apps For Writers and Authors. In this post, Lisa rounded up five applications that you definitely should know about if you spend time writing. They range from the recursive writing assistant Kabikaboo to Storybook, which can make life much easier for the budding novelist.All Hail AbiWord. Whenever I show the open source word processor AbiWord to people who use Microsoft Word, they are dismayed at how equivalent to Microsoft's expensive application it really is. Even the interface is eerily similar. In this post, you can find out more about AbiWord, which is well worth trying.Over 50 Must-Have Open Source Resources. While this post includes far more than just open source tools for writers, it includes many free tools that writers will love. These include desktop publishing applications, graphics apps you can integrate with your writing, tutorials for the OpenOffice applications and more. 
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by Laura Michaels on Jun. 01, 2010Here's my list of favorite Open Source tools for writers:
Another tool I like is html2ps. If you want to use a text editor instead of a full-fledged word-processor to typeset your book and you're already familiar with HTML and don't want to learn a new mark-up variant like Docbook or Dita, a tool like this one that converts HTML to Postscript or PDF can be extremely helpful. There's an interesting article at the A List Apart web site on Boom (book microformat) which also mentions one professional book formatted completely in HTML.
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by an anonymous user on Jun. 06, 2010We are trying to switch all our writing software over to opens ource. Our staff write a lot of articles for magazines and press releases when we release new products, and in the past these have all been produced in Word. We now have open office running on all our machines, and also encourage firefox on all machines to keep away from IE.
Gary @ Bruce Blinds
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