Ubuntu to Become a Rolling Release
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Ubuntu to Become a Rolling Release
by Susan Linton - Nov. 23, 2010Comments (23)
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Mark Shuttleworth recently told reporters that Ubuntu will likely be moving from its current six-month release schedule to daily updates. A step of this nature would help Ubuntu keep up with the rapidly changing and increasing complex software and hardware landscape. This is especially true as Ubuntu finds itself on more mobile and smartphone devices. Shuttleworth said more services and software available through and in connection with the Ubuntu Software Center will see rapid advancement in the next few years. He explained, "In an internet-oriented world, we need to be able to release something every day." The main advantage for Ubuntu would be the possibility of keeping excitement up during what is considered the developmental cycles, when larger Websites and publications concentrate on other distributions and topics. For users, a decreased wait for significant and minor application updates as well as the opportunity to break the six-month reinstall or risky upgrade cycle. More significantly, embedded device manufactures using Ubuntu send out updates to their systems regularly and this would help Canonical accommodate those services. A move of this nature would essentially change the whole philosophy and operating procedures as Ubuntu moves to a rolling release. It does mean a bit more work for developers as they have to make sure their packages are user-ready more often. In addition, Ubuntu would still have to periodically release updated ISOs for those in need of a new or fresh install.But add up and the pluses and minuses, it means more value for Ubuntu users and partners. Update:  The original source has been reworded removing the relavant quote as well as updated to reflect Rick Spencer's, Director of Ubuntu Engineering,  annoucement that Ubuntu is not changing to a rolling release.
ubuntu mark shuttleworth
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by an anonymous user on Nov. 23, 2010Bring it on! I would really be happy with that. I just hope the same will apply for Kubuntu at the same time.
1 Votes
by FreeBooteR on Nov. 23, 2010Losing too many people to Arch? lol...now if you dump mono apps maybe you'll get some people back!
1 Votes
by an anonymous user on Nov. 23, 2010Does this mean they're rethinking their server business or are they going to keep an LTS "snapshot" for that purpose?
1 Votes
by manny on Nov. 23, 2010wow is this for real!!!
Omg am gonna cry, been waitinf for this day forever lol
i think ubuntu will become more than just a rolling release.
Hardware manufacturers will embrace and support it longer !!
1 Votes
by an anonymous user on Nov. 23, 2010Great, new daily bugs! This will only really work if Ubuntu puts together a very rigorous testing system before rolling out updates. Something similar to what Debian has would be a good idea. Unstable, testing, then release. On the other hand it may help make it possible to get bugs fixed quickly, provided you can get Canonical to give them just a little attention.
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by Greg Folkert on Nov. 23, 2010So... just like Debian SID?
1 Votes
by manny on Nov. 23, 2010final piece of the puzzle would be to get Btrfs ready and integrated with grub, then we can revert back in case a package or upgrade messes up something.
2 Votes
by Apopas on Nov. 23, 2010First Unity, then Wayland and now Rolling schedule! From just a user friendly distro, Ubuntu became a big innovator of the Linux desktop. As a mate said above... "bring it on!" :-D
1 Votes
by landeel on Nov. 23, 2010Great news!!!
I have always wondered why it didn't work like this before.
1 Votes
by an anonymous user on Nov. 23, 2010Ive worked on some free software projects in south america: Venezuela, Brazil and even Cuba and one thing that I had never really fully comprehended is what it means to have high speed. To even have a phone for dialup is an amazing achievement for a lot of places but high speed is but a dream.
I love PCLinuxOS, Its been my friends and newbie distro since 2007 but I wouldnt use a rolling distro in poorer countries or anywhere there isnt DSL connection.
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by an anonymous user on Nov. 23, 2010I've never understood why they have that release cycle, anyway. The software comes from Debian Unstable, and both that repository and Testing would be considered rolling releases. If it were based on Stable it would make sense, but it isn't.
I switched to from Ubuntu Debian Testing (actually, Linux Mint Debian Edition), because I got sick of having to reinstall and reconfigure everything every six months. That's just stupid.
1 Votes
by Aeiluidnae on Nov. 23, 2010I believe my feelings are best summed up by "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!"
Now if they could only make Ubuntu easier to futz around with in terms of deep configuration stuff.
2 Votes
by Spikey on Nov. 23, 2010really great news.........
1 Votes
by an anonymous user on Nov. 23, 2010Wow... Real innovative.
Arch has always been like this.. and it'll have options of Unity, Wayland or ANYTHING else available in FOSS land..
The real interesting thing is whether they'll be able to manage it, keep it "Windows stupid" and up to date... Though I'd imagine they're daily updates will still be of packages 6> months old.. LOL!
1 Votes
by an anonymous user on Nov. 24, 2010Wow... Real innovative. They will act like the came up with the idea all by themselves. :D
0 Votes
by an anonymous user on Nov. 24, 2010It always amazes me how people turn to hind quarters as soon as Ubuntu is mentioned, I don't use it or even like it myself but at least I have some from of ethics. I would much prefer rolling releases, to much work with configs and all that.
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by nottyl on Nov. 24, 2010"It does mean a bit more work for developers"
That's a tiny bit of an understatement right there :) unless of course they don't care how stable and usable the system is- that's also entirely possible.
Anyway afaik Ubuntu's already rolling. Down the river, and it passed Port Sanity 150 awesome animal names ago, with fanboys standing on both banks singing and dancing.
It was a sexy sight too. Gorgeous :D
0 Votes
by Robert Maroon on Nov. 24, 2010So instead of risking to break the installation once every 6 months, you will play russian roulette risking it 180 times in the same timeframe?
Doesn't seem a smart move to me.
0 Votes
by dave on Nov. 24, 2010So basically it's becoming gentoo?
0 Votes
by an anonymous user on Nov. 25, 2010Great! I've always thought that an easy to use rolling release distro would be a good thing! I doubt it will tear me away from Arch, but if it's good I'll recommend it to people.
0 Votes
by txwikinger on Nov. 25, 2010Rolling Releases Make no Sense for a Linux Distribution Like Ubuntu http://drupal.txwikinger.me.uk/content/rolling-releases-make-no-sense-li...
0 Votes
by an anonymous user on Nov. 30, 2010ubuntu is already unstable enough with the overly frequent release cycle
now they want to make it completely unusable
stick with centos or slack
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by an anonymous user on Nov. 30, 2010Q: Did I sit through a keynote less than a year ago with MS telling us that the 6-month cycle was why they were doing well...?
A: Yes.
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