Who Says Desktop Linux Is Doomed?
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Who Says Desktop Linux Is Doomed?
by Sam Dean - May. 11, 2010Comments (12)
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In only a few weeks, 2010 will be half over, and it's already clear that one widely backed technology prediction for the year has come true: the success of Microsoft's Windows 7 operating system. For the Redmond software giant, Windows 7 has been a comeback story, following oceans of bad reviews and bad PR surrounding Windows Vista. However, people also predicted that Windows 7 would mean the end of the road for desktop Linux, as seen here. In truth, Windows 7 didn't even give Linux a flesh wound.Back in January of 2009, in a piece that also suggested that Windows 7 would eat into Apple's desktop market share, The Inquirer wrote: "If Microsoft had released Windows 7 instead of Vista there would have been no rise of Ubuntu or OSX. Now, alas, it is only a matter of time until people come back to the claws of the Vole. The Linux crowd were too busy talking about their superiority on the server and ignored the desktop to the OS's eventual doom."The fact is, Windows 7 and Linux serve different types of users and markets, and Dana Blankenhorn has a good inventory of reasons why Ubuntu can compete with Windows here. I have only been impressed with Canonical's recent moves with Ubuntu, making it more graphical, easier to use, more compatible, and now massaging it into new, lightweight versions that have promise on netbooks.Meanwhile, let's not forget that Google's Android operating system is Linux-based, and its upcoming Chrome OS for netbooks is Linux-based and was created with the help of the Ubuntu team. Android is an enormous success story, and is spreading out beyond smartphones, and Chrome OS holds much promise too.While it's true that Linux doesn't have enormous desktop market share (W3Counter's data shows it at just under 2 percent share), let's not forget that Apple had only 5 percent of the desktop market for many years, and managed to innovate and lead in several market categories with that share. That's the thing about the operating system game: You don't have to be number one to succeed. For Linux, the future remains bright.  Image courtesy of Laserguided on Flickr.
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by Ceyhun Alyesil on May. 12, 2010Linux has to meet with more people. Most of the users have no idea about what they are using and what are the other choices. If we can(we as linux users) show them other options like Ubuntu or any other distro (Pardus for my country) i think we can get more and more users. And to do that, Linux need more commercial and for that need money. To get that money need server editions and seeling support... its like circle of like :)
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by an anonymous user on May. 12, 2010All I Can say is, the i have used windows for over 25 years, And found the i was happy when XP came around. Then the infamous Vista came along promising new features and the rest of the fanfare hype that goes on with a new version of Win OS. Slowly the complaints of it's performance and how it was really a resource hog it really was... among other things we found charming about it....cough cough..... Anybody that actually tried it (Vista) knows that already. I did look for an alternate OS to use. I found linux and gave it a whirl, it was a bit challenging at first, but i persisted,now after 2 years of using it and implementing it at work as well, i can honestly say i would never change back to windows. It may be not all there yet to equal windows 100% but that is only a matter of time. I remember and editorial some time back that said "MS is a slow sinking ship", and i do believe that this Linux thing i stumbled upon and gave an honest go of it, is beginning to take a lot of momentum in the right direction. Give it a try and persevere .you won't regret it in the long run.
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by gaudygo golf on May. 12, 2010You could get a cable splitter and have one end into ur monitor and the 2 other ends going into the 2 computers. This may not be the best thing if you want to use both at once however.
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by Paul Joseph on May. 12, 2010"Who Says Desktop Linux Is Doomed?"
With Ubuntu, Google Chome OS etc the promise of Desktop Linux never looked better!
Viva Linux!
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by Paul Joseph on May. 12, 2010Google Chome
* Google Chrome
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by Lennie on May. 13, 2010I don't even agree about how good Windows 7 is, it's mostly perception.
Vista sucked, really sucked, Vista SP1 was an improvement, but it still sucked. For example compatibility and performance were still a problem. Many things were wrong.
And Windows 7 was better for the base performance, but only the performance requirements was fixed, everything else that was wrong is still wrong. Also a lot of the performance improvement is just perception, because people bought new computers when they got Windows 7 and as we all know, Windows performance also degrades over time.
Hardware compatibility is slowly getting fixed by the vendors. But mostly it's just fixed because new hardware uses new drivers.
On the software side, it's possible worse. Some software just isn't maintained anymore and just won't work. You will have to find a way to move your data over to a new program. What did they do wrong in Windows 7 ?
Security is worse in Windows 7 in comparison to Windows Vista, Microsoft got so many complaints they just disabled large and important parts of the security framework. And maybe this also added to the performance improvements, I don't know.
enough for now. :-)
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by Dr. Metallius on May. 15, 2010Though I'm using Windows 7 and consider it a fine, convinient OS, I don't see any reasons why should Linux feel bad. Ubuntu is a fine distribution, very nice and easy to use. Why should Windows 7 ruin it? I agree that it needs more advertising, though, maybe simply through word of mouth.
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by apexwm on May. 18, 2010I am hoping that Windows XP users will simply migrate to Linux rather than re-buy Windows and migrate to Windows 7. Windows 7 seems to have the issues of Vista ironed out, but what people don't know is that Linux is also refined as well, and you will NEVER be faced with re-buying Linux. In fact, you don't have to buy it period! Not only is Windows itself expensive, but keep in mind the supporting applications and re-buying those as well is very costly.
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by El Molito on May. 23, 2010So basically the author is saying that Windows 7 is just good enough for running open-source software? ...a bit slower than Linux. And that it the sole reason for getting Win 7?
Sorry but I prefer not to give a single $ to Microsoft and run all those apps on GNU/Linux, whose kernel is much more polished.
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by Anish on Jun. 05, 2010Desktop Linux is nowhere near being doomed. In most cases, the nay sayers are simply spreading FUD ( Fear,Uncertainty,Doubt) to try and sway opinions. Linux is growing and making inroads daily.
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by eboard on Jun. 04, 2011Linux is the best
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by Guy Merritt on Oct. 18, 2012I love Linux, in a way.... It makes a great server; it's stable, fast, secure, etc. But as a desktop it's absolutely doomed in the sense that it will never be popularly adopted, by average computer users, as a replacement for something like Windows or the Mac OS. Desktop Linux represents something of an "epic fail" for the open source model - open source simply doesn't work when applied to the desktop market. You can tell yourself that it's otherwise but, in my view, that amounts to "magical thinking".
I've explained my reasoning, at length, here:
And I really do love Linux. But I'm a realist.
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