16 Videos from Red Hat: Some Marketing, But Good Perspectives Too

by Ostatic Staff - Jun. 25, 2009

On the company's blog, Red Hat has posted a collection of 16 short videos, dubbed Red Hat Stories. The videos "feature company leaders from around the world discussing who we are, what we do and how we do it," according to the post. One features Red Hat president and CEO Jim Whitehurst talking about open source and enterprise-class software, another provides a breakdown of Red Hat technology, and there is one dedicated to the subscription model that most observers see as key to the company's success. If you watch selectively, these could be useful.

Here are some of the videos you can watch in the Red Hat Stories series:

The Value of Red Hat in Jim's Words. Whitehurst discusses why open source software is a good alternative to proprietary software, and more.

Red Hat's Technologies. From virtualization to JBoss middleware, here's a primer.

The Subscription Model. Many commercial open source companies have emulated Red Hat's subscription model. Here's the company's explanation of it.

Liberating Innovation. This video delves into open standards, software licensing, software patents, and more.

I watched the whole Subscription Model video, which features Iain Gray, Red Hat's VP of Customer Engagement (shown above), talking about how the company's subscriptions, including support and certification, differ from offerings from proprietary software players. It's succinct, and presents the value of the model. The video is 2:36 in length.

There is definitely some marketing fluff in these videos, but there are unique perspectives, too. And, as we discussed earlier today, you can't argue with Red Hat's open source-focused business practices and results.