2015 Predictions and Coming Attractions

by Ostatic Staff - Dec. 15, 2014

As 2014 draws to a close a few folks are looking ahead to 2015. Jack Wallen pens his predictions for Linux next year. Phoronix has gathered a few Fedora 22 tidbits and OMG!Ubuntu! has some for Ubuntu 15.04. Dedoimedo.com reviews Kali Linux and the Hecktic Geek tests Fedora 21. And finally today, Dedoimedo picks his top Xfce distro of the year.

There really was a lot of news out today but let's start with Jall Wallen's 2015 Linux predictions. He doesn't really make any big bold prognostications but says, "I believe that the year 2015 will remain quite stagnant for Linux on the desktop." This is because Ubuntu will be keeping its focus on their smartphone system. He adds that Chrome/Android hybrids Evolve OS and Quantum OS could be the future for Linux replacing our outdated desktops like "Cinnamon, Mate, XFCE, LXCE."

Fedoras 21 and 22 continue in the news. Pierre-Yves Chibon today blogged about some of the traffic seen from the release of Fedora 21. On Fedora 21, today the Hectic Geek said it was well worth the wait and that the GNOME desktop was wonderful. Although he found a few issues, he concluded that folks should give it a try. Additionally, the Linux Action Show spoke with Fedora developers about Fedora 21 and stuff yesterday as well.

Since our initial coverage last week, Phoronix has posted of some feature proposals in the works. Michael Larabel wrote that some new features may include UEFI Secure Boot Blacklist Updates and a pre-upgrade assistant (to assist in upgrading).

OMG!Ubuntu!'s Joey-Elijah Sneddon wrote that Ubuntu 15.04 will upgrade to GTK 3.14 bringing "the latest and greatest." He says that's not only good news to developers but also users because their apps will be pretty again. Several favorites can ship with their most recent interface updates or get some. Basically, all GNOME apps in Unity on Ubuntu 15.04 should be prettier he said. In related news, Danny Stieben today looked at how far Ubuntu has come in 10 years.

The Linux Mint project today announced that some of their servers are seeing heavy traffic and will probably experience significant delays. They are urging users to switch mirrors in their Software Sources until the crisis is resolved. In other Mint news, those of us waiting for the updated images or system updates for our KDE versions will probably have to keep waiting into the new year because of the holidays and persistent bugs.

In other Linux news:

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