4 Little-Known KDE Apps You'll Really Like

by Ostatic Staff - Aug. 17, 2009

Users of the KDE desktop know it has a dozens of handy tools and functions built right in, but the beauty of open source means you can tweak it to your heart's content by adding extra plugins to make your desktop do even more. Here are five KDE desktop applications that you might not have ever heard of, but are definitely worth checking out.

soundKonverter - This handy app provides a front end to the audio converter you're already using. Use it for CD ripping, audio conversion, and replay gain calculation. This version of soundKonverter is designed for KDE 3.5.x, but a version for KDE 4.0 is in the works.

Social Networks Visualizer - This cross-platform app helps you create mathematical graphs to analyze and visualize social networking data. It also has a built-in Web crawler so you can create networks from all the links in a single URL. Social Networks Visualizer "compute basic network properties, such as density, diameter and distances (shortest path lengths), as well as more advanced structural statistics, such as node and network centralities (i.e. closeness, betweeness, graph), clustering coefficient, etc."

eXaro - This report engine can be easily embedded in ant Qt application to create and export business intelligence data, no XML required. It's, platform independent, available in several translations, and includes a wizard that makes it dead-simple for even inexperienced users to generate reports in a flash.

KsirK - Life's not all work and dudgery, everyone has to take some time for fun. Have a go at this app, based on the popular board game Risk, when you have a few minutes of break time. This multi-player game is designed to work over a network so get everyone you know in on the action and be the first to conquer the world.