5 Cool Apps You'll Want on Your Android Phone

by Ostatic Staff - Jan. 05, 2011

There are so many fantastic apps out there for Android phones that it's hard to keep up with them. Whether you need something to make you more productive or protect your phone from security issues, there's probably an app out there for you. Here's five snazzy downloads we found in the Android Market that will make your life easier and using your Android phone a lot more fun.

Glympse - Most Android phones have built-in GPS and there are plenty of apps that use it to blast your location to anyone who wants to know where to find you. Glympse lets you share your location with others, but privately and only for the amount of time you specify. When you want to share where you are with someone, simply fire up Glympse, select a contact from the menu, decide when you want the link to expire, and click send. Your friend can open the link on a smartphone or computer, and you can take comfort that your location will only be visible for the timeframe you specified.

MySettings - Android phones are practically infinitely tweakable, but individual settings for various features are all over the place within the system and require tons of clicking around to adjust. MySettigs brings options for Bluetooth, WiFi, PGS, Network Mode, and more all in one easy-to-manage spot.

Lookout - Android phones are very secure, but nothing is infallible, so take that extra measure of precaution with Lookout. It protects your phone from viruses and malware, scans downloaded apps, and has tools to help you locate your phone if it's stolen. When not in use, it runs silently in the background so you don't have to remember to fire it up before you download a new app.

VirtualRecorder - Android phones come with a built-in voice recorder but, let's face it, it's not all that. VirtualRecorder adds a ton of cool features like pitch adjustment, play in reverse, playback boost, and send as email. You can even easily delete or export recordings in batches instead of one at a time.

Bluetooth File Transfer - If you transfer a lot of files between your phone and computer, you'll love this app. makes quick work of moving files, but it doesn't stop there. You can also use the app to browse, explore, and manage files in just a few clicks. It works on virtually all Android phones and doesn't require root access or modifications to the underlying operating system.

Main image: Naoki Seto