5 Distros, 11 Tools, 800 Games, and 32 Bits

by Ostatic Staff - Nov. 26, 2014

Today in Linux news, Swapnil Bhartiya features five distributions you might like. OMG!Ubuntu! found eleven utilities to beef up your Ubuntu experience and Steam now has over 800 Linux games. Larry Cafiero says he's "a 32-bit guy in a 64-bit world" and Docker users are urged to upgrade due to new found vulnerability.

Swapnil Bhartiya says with so much choice new Linux explorers might need a bit of guidance. He says Ubuntu should be a new user's first choice because it's "the most user friendly." He follows that with Mint and Kubuntu. openSUSE and Arch round out his selections, but he goes through the pros and cons of each, so check that out.

Speaking of Ubuntu, OMG!Ubuntu! says these eleven utilities will "supercharge your Ubuntu experience." These include tools like Unity Tweak Tool, Caffeine, Disk Space Visualizer, and BleachBit. So don't miss that if you run Ubuntu.

In other Linux related tidbits, Mageia folks reminded users of version 3 end of life, so upgrade that. Larry Cafiero thinks it's a mistake for all distributions to be abandoning their 32-bit architecture support. BoingBoing featured more hacker Barbie cartoons in the Computer Barbie style. Docker urges users to upgrade to version 1.3.2 due to major vulnerability.  Dietrich Schmitz says Fedora is the safest OS in the whole wide World. And Softpedia.com is covering another milestone at Steam, they now offer over 800 Linux games.