5 Firefox Extensions to Keep Your Browsing (More) Private

by Ostatic Staff - Aug. 14, 2009

Firefox 3 has private browsing features built right in, but if you're running an older version it doesn't mean you have to give up your privacy altogether. Here are five Firefox extensions that will keep your browsing discreet and private and private no matter what version of Firefox you're using:

TrackMeNot - This extension runs in the background as you browse and periodically sends out random queries to search engines so your actual searches get lost in the crowd. Your search activities stay hidden so sites like Yahoo! and Google won't be able to gather any meaningful data from your visit.

Petname - This cool little tool lets you attach reminder notes to Web sites you trust with your sensitive data or financial information. The notes automatically reappear the next time you visit, making it a great way to avert phishing attacks.

Page Title Eraser - Names of the Web sites you visit while surfing will usually appear at the top of the page and remain there until you leave the site. That's really a pain in the neck since anyone wandering past your computer can easily see the titles in whatever tabs you have open. This extension lets you either replace the title with the text of your choice, or blank out the title and icon in your browser's tabs all together.

FormFox - The next time you fill out a form online, find out where the data you enter will end up before you hit send. Simply hover your cursor over the data field of a form or search box and this extension reveals exactly who receives the information you enter. Use it to check out unfamiliar Web sites before you give up your name, address, and other identifying information.

FoxTor - If you use Tor to privatize your online surfing habits. FoxTor provides a way to quickly mask and unmask your browser, without having to commit to anonymous surfing throughout an entire browsing session. (Requires Tor and Privoxy.)