A Good Puppy, Urban Legends, and Kubuntu Plasma 5

by Ostatic Staff - Oct. 29, 2014

While perusing the nightly newsfeeds the release of Puppy Linux 6.0 was mentioned. Jonathan Riddell said the next release of Kubuntu will feature Plasma 5 and Chris Hoffman is reporting Unity 8 will allow more privacy. And finally tonight, Bruce Byfield has seven reasons LibreOffice is better than OpenOffice.

Puppy Linux used to be quite popular, but these days it doesn't grab the number of headlines it once did. However, the release of 6.0 did garner a few like this one by Brian Fagioli that commands, "Fetch it now." Fagioli says Puppy is good for those wishing to "revive an old computer" and the security conscious. He didn't really go into the technical specifications, but he states it's a version based on "Trusty Tahr binary packages" dubbed "Tahrpup."

PCWorld's Chris Hoffman is reporting that Ubuntu's Unity 8 will remove the Amazon spyware that has privacy advocates up in arms, but says it still doesn't feel like a victory. As he put it, "If Unity 8 makes it into Ubuntu 16.04, the problem will have existed for four years before being (inadvertently?) solved by a rewrite and design change of the desktop environment." Hoffman then added, "It’s definitely an improvement, but not because Canonical necessarily listened to the outcry." In (loosely) related news, Jonathan Riddell posted that Kubuntu 15.04 will feature Plasma 5 if all goes well.

Bryan Lunduke is back with another one of his quirky posts, this time about Linux urban legends for the Halloween season. Remember when former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer's declared "Linux is communism" and "Linux is a cancer?" He touches on a couple others as well, so be sure to catch that. In related news, Why Microsoft now loves Linux.

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