A Puppy for Slackers

by Ostatic Staff - Oct. 25, 2011

Puppy has always been an impressive piece of work. At first it was impressive just because of the small size, then more and more original tools were added. Later on with the Woof build system, versions of Puppy compatible with popular distributions became possible. The Ubuntu Puppys have received high marks. Well, today Mick Amadio announced a new puppy built with packages from Slackware.

Amadio said,

Slacko Puppy Linux 5.3 is a child, or better a pup, of Barry Kauler's Woof build system. It has binary compatibility with Slackware-13.37, which simply means that it is a Puppy built with packages from the Slackware, Salix and Slacky repositories.

The main version has kernel compiled with Aufs, layered file system support, in the typical Puppy manner.

Some new features of Slacko are a rebuilt gtkdialog, a program which allows bash scripts to run in GUI. A showcase of this is Pmusic and Pequalizer, tiny apps to organise and play your music collection and more.

Slacko Puppy introduces Frisbee Network Manager to connect wirelessly, familiar to Puppeee users. It utilises the WPA_supplicant daemon and is great for laptops and people on the move.

There is also Simple Network Setup and Network Wizard to offer choice.

The Seamonkey suite is the default browser and email suite but Firefox Aurora, Chromium, Opera, Netsurf, Dillo and Links are only a few clicks away.

Slickpet is a cut down version of Quickpet to get a few handy apps without diving into the well stocked Puppy Package manager.

Slacko is pretty, fast, and slick. Download a copy and give it test run.