Access Thousands of Free Movies with New Version of Boxee Beta

by Ostatic Staff - Aug. 26, 2010

Open source media center application Boxee released a new version of its software today that now includes a new Movie Library that offers thousands of free movies from several streaming content Web sites. The team also reorganized the settings screen to make it more user friendly, added support for Google Buzz, and included an offline indicator mode so users can tell at a glance when the network connection is lost.

The Movie Library is a nifty addition to the Boxee software. Although it's still in it's beta stage and not fully developed, it's a nice upgrade that makes it far easier to navigate your way through a huge number of film choices. Currently movies content is served from OpenFilm, Hulu, YouTube, MUBI, and Indie Movies Online. Developers say they're working with additional partners, including movie studios, to bring additional content in the coming months.

This point release comes at a strategic time for Boxee as it struggles to stay relevant in the super-competitive world of streaming video. Netflix released an app for iPhones and iPod touches today, the first GoogleTV devices are expected this fall, and a $99 Apple TV is rumored to be right around the corner. Boxee still has a lot of work to do if it wants its Boxee Box and standalone PC software to keep up with its competitors. Fortunately, the company has charmed its community and caught the eye of investors so it looks like Boxee is here to stay.