Amarok 2.0 First Alpha Released

by Ostatic Staff - Jul. 11, 2008

Linux users have been in love for a long time with the Amarok music player and it's also been gaining attention lately as great alternative to Apple's iPod and iTunes vendor lock-in. In fact, Amarok is even going mainstream, appearing on must-have lists at Web sites like Lifehacker. Developers announced this week that the first alpha release of Amarok 2.0 is available with some great new features and a cool user interface.

Codenamed Malina, the final version of Amarok 2.0 is expected to have "new SVG-based scalable theme, advanced scripting, dynamic collections, usability improvements, improved media devices handling, new podcast manager, [and] support for more software platforms." Right now, however, the alpha release sports:

  • Better looking artwork through the use of vector graphics
  • A new user interface with drag and drop functionality, a space efficient playlist, a plasma-powered context view
  • Improved integration with, Magatune, and other online music sources
  • A new scripting interface based on Qt technology
  • Support for mobile devices The groundwork for cross-platform functionality
  • The beginning framework for new biased playlists, that uses a sort of fuzzy logic to determine what song you might like to hear next.

Download Amarok 2.0 alpha 1 for Linux from KDE's Web page. Though there's currently no alpha build for Windows, there's a wiki page for shoehorning it onto a Mac, if you're so inclined.