Amarok 2.7 Released with Major New Features

by Ostatic Staff - Jan. 18, 2013

Amarok 2.7 was released today with two new major features highlighted among many bug fix and other improvements. "We haven't been lazy even before this, as this release also comes with an impressive amount of other bug fixes: a total of over 470 bugs were closed since 2.6 [and] over 15 feature requests were granted."

The two major features are:

(1). Nepomuk Collection plug-in - "Amarok uses Nepomuk to fetch tracks in your computer. Nepomuk is a system wide backend with multiple applications already using it for search and metadata. So when you rate a track in Amarok, it reflects in Dolphin as well. You don't have to remember where you have stored your music tracks anymore. You don't have to organize your music tracks into one single folder. Nepomuk fetches tracks from all over your computer."

(2). Statistics Synchronization between collections and - "Getting started is utterly simple, just answer Yes to the above question that pops up when you connect a capable media player (currently just iPods) and you're done! Amarok will work hard in the background from that point to make sure your ratings, first/last played times, play counts and labels are synchronized between all participating collections."

Three other improvements include:

(1). The File Browser's behavior and appearance was greatly improved
(2). Audio CD playback was resurrected
(3). Completely updated handbook

See the full announcement for a detailed list of improvements and download/installation information.