Android and New Device Types to Share Spotlight at Google I/O

by Ostatic Staff - Jun. 25, 2014

The Google I/O conference begins today, including live video feeds, and it's already clear from advance notice on the sessions and discussion topics that Android and new device types for Google's platforms will share the spotlight at the event.

Traditionally, there are many open source sessions and tracks at Google I/O and this time shouldn't be any different. There are rumors of robotics news and lots of news surrounding Android-powered smartwatches is expected.

Google I/O usually serves as a forum for developers and engineers to get word from Google on where they might focus their efforts over the upcoming year. It's clear from this year's conference sessions that Android will be a big point of focus. There are sessions on Android and the cloud, and sessions on bringing Android to new hardware form factors. 

Google is aiming well beyond smartphones and tablets with Android, and the Android platform has become one of the biggest open source successes of all time. As Computerworld notes, you can expect talk of Andoid smartwatches and more new gadgets at Google I/O:

"During I/O, Google could launch or at least give more details about Android-connected smartwatches, a health-tracking system that would run on those watches, and Android-based systems for cars and televisions, according to rumors."

"Google earlier this year announced Android Wear, a version of Android designed to power a new wave of wearable devices, including smartwatches. The idea is to focus less on Android's typical grid layout -- that would look ugly on a watch -- and enable more functions based on voice commands and quick taps. Last week Google revealed more of its thinking on the OS in a YouTube video."

Apple is also said to be working away on new smartwatches based on iOS, so we could see Android and iOS competing on watches much as they have on smartphones and tablets. Google I/O will provide a barometer for how seriously that face-off can be taken.

Among other Android-focused sessions at Google I/O, there will be discussions on bringing Android to cars. In cars too, Google is expected to start squaring off with Apple, possibly with a new automotive operating system.

OStatic will be reporting on Google I/O through the rest of the week. Stay tuned.