Announcements Flow as the OpenStack Summit Begins in Paris

by Ostatic Staff - Nov. 03, 2014

This week the OpenStack Summit is taking place in Paris, and there is already related news flowing out of the OpenStack ecosystem. Among other announcements, Internap, which provides Internet infrastructure services, has stated that it is expanding its "OpenStack-powered AgileCLOUD footprint to Amsterdam, providing a highly flexible and cost-efficient public cloud platform to meet the performance and scalability demands of customers in Europe and around the world."

And, Amysta has announced the release of its billing system for OpenStack, which is essentially a revenue management platform. It allows Cloud Service Providers (CSP) to provide their customers with self-enrollment, billing and payment services.

According to Internap:

"Internap is also delivering enhanced choice and flexibility for its public cloud customers with the addition of powerful OpenStack management capabilities via an integrated Horizon dashboard. Horizon is the official OpenStack management dashboard, delivering a web-based user interface to OpenStack services. One of only a handful of OpenStack cloud providers to expose the native Horizon console, Internap now offers customers direct access to advanced OpenStack management functions – allowing customers to use an open and standardized interface they are already familiar with and gain access to the latest features from the open source community."

"We use OpenStack's Horizon dashboard to manage our extensive public cloud footprint with Internap. It gives us the ability to access the latest OpenStack services and manage and automate our cloud resources, along with an extensible framework to easily plug in third-party tools," said Rock Rockenhaus, cloud infrastructure architect at "By integrating the Horizon dashboard, Internap has eliminated the complexity that customers running their own instance of Horizon need to contend with, such as setting up and maintaining API servers and installing the latest software – delivering the management benefits straight to customers' fingertips and freeing them up to focus on their business."

Amysta's Pierre Vacherand noted the following regarding its OpenStack billing platform: "Hundreds of the world's largest brands rely on OpenStack to run their businesses every day, Amysta will help them to get more visibility on their Cloud usage and reduce their costs."

There are many more OpenStack announcements coming out of the summit in Paris. According to Thierry Carrez, an OpenStack Release Manager:

"OpenStack is at a crossroads. There is plenty of past to reflect on, and plenty of future to discuss. There are a number of processes and structures we need to evolve. There are a number of changes we need to adapt to. I expect this week to be critical in shaping our future successes."

OStatic will keep up with the panels and announcements at OpenStack Paris and report further this week.