Another Fedora 24 Delay, Mint 18 Beta Released

by Ostatic Staff - Jun. 10, 2016

Clement Lefebvre today announced the availability of Linux Mint 18 Beta in the Cinnamon and MATE flavors. Jan Kurik announced another delay in Fedora 24 development due to a bug that keeps Windows from booting after GRUB installation. Elsewhere, Jonathan Riddell announced the release of KDE neon for users and, apparently, there's been another Ubuntu "brouhaha" to report. Microsoft's Anthony Doherty was quoted as saying they're not tricking anyone into upgrading to Windows 10 while Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols today said that Microsoft is going "all open source, all the time."

It was decided to slip the release of Fedora 24 by another week during this evening's Go/No-Go meeting. This slip was necessary due to a blocker bug that keeps Windows from booting from Fedora GRUB on UEFI machines. GRUB shoots an out of memory error when trying to boot Windows (10). The workaround for now, for those bleeding-edge skaters, is to hit "c" at the GRUB prompt then type "exit" and hit Enter at the commandline. Fedora 24 went into Final freeze May 31 and several Freeze Exemptions were approved earlier this week. This delay will push the Final release of Fedora 24 to June 21 if nothing else goes wrong. Another Go/No-Go meeting was scheduled for June 16 to decide.

Linux Mint 18 Beta has been made available for testing today in your choice of Cinnamon or MATE desktops. A large part of this release is the further integration of X-Apps. Some of these apps include Totem-clone Xplayer, Xreader PDF reader, Xviewer image viewer, and Xed editor. A new theme and artwork adorn the release in a few variations and several new applications (such as Steam) were added to repositories. Mint 18 is based on Ubuntu 16.04.

Anthony Doherty of Microsoft South Africa recently told that they aren't trying to trick anyone, they just want to make sure everyone reads the pop-up. "Recent changes in the way the Windows 10 upgrade is delivered to customers is an effort to ensure that everyone who wants their free upgrade to Windows 10 receives it," Doherty said. He said folks were just dismissing the reminder without reading it. He also said they made the upgrade to Windows 10 a recommended update because customers were complaining they'd scheduled their updates and never received it. They wanted to make sure everyone gets updated before the July 29 cut-off. In related news, Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols today wrote Microsoft is turning open source mainly because of cloud ventures saying, "For any future projects it will be all open source, all the time."

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