Another Foundation Pops Up - The Krita Foundation

by Ostatic Staff - Dec. 17, 2012

Today the Krita project announced the formation of their new foundation Stichting Krita Foundation. Though officially part of the KDE project, KDE e.V. can not sponsor development. The new Krita foundation will help with development and more.

Boudewijn Rempt made the announcement on the Website earlier today saying, "The Krita Foundation has been created to support the development of Krita, especially by searching funding to sponsor actual development work, like for instance Lukáš Tvrdý has been sponsored before, or by organizing creative, open content projects like the Comics with Krita DVD. Currently, the Krita Foundation is sponsoring Dmitry Kazakov, who is for instance working on performance improvements."

"Plus, it's much easier now for everyone, users, fans, supporters to support Krita's development, either with a one-off donation or a subscription," he added (and provided the links to donate).

Rempt said that the official goals of Stichting Krita Foundation are:

-- To develop free graphics software, especially Krita
-- To provide services for users and developers of Krita
-- To provide artists and studios with everything they need to create digital art

Visit for more information or to donate.