Another LibreOffice Developmental Release Emerges

by Ostatic Staff - Apr. 30, 2011

The Document Foundation today announced another developmental release on the way to LibreOffice 3.4. Release candidates will be delivered throughout May with the final expected May 31.

The release didn't bring any major new features, but did include several bug fixes. The full changelog contained the following:

++ base

   + dbaccess-default-varchar-lenght.diff: default VARCHAR length to 10

++ bootstrap

   + disable BrOffice branding for official builds

   + do not enable BrOffice branding by default

   + do not package transitions-ogl.xml twice

  + do not ship Letter Wizard templates twice

++ calc

   + copy print ranges when copying sheet.

   + watch out for NULL pointer de-referencing.

++ components

   + do not ship Letter Wizard templates twice

++ impress

   + sd-toolbar-advanced-shapes.diff: used advanced Ellipse and Rectangle shapes

++ libs-core

   + fixed a crasher on Base.

   + stopgap fixes for the crash on exit,

   + svx-honour-customshape-capabilities.diff

   + svx-shapes-default-word-wrap-enable.diff: wrap text in shapes by default

++ libs-gui

   + fix - ScrollBar display bug on dialog boxes

   + only accelerators in Edit popup on Windows and KDE

++ writer

      + fix detection of first-page header/footer

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