Antergos Erases Cinnarch with Inaugural Release

by Ostatic Staff - May. 14, 2013

It was just little over a month ago that the Linux community learned that Cinnarch developers were giving up on using Cinnamon as their default desktop because Mint was "1 year behind with upstream code." With that a name-change would also be needed and 93% of the community agreed. Then yesterday, the Cinnarch phoenix reemerged as Antergos, with a new release.

The announcement explains that the new name Antergos is "a galician word to link the past with the present." It seems the name change is complete across the distribution and community and Cinnarch will forevermore, until further notice, be known as Antergos.

Besides the name change, it seems the biggest change is in the installer, which now provides a choice of desktop/window environments. GNOME 3 is now default, but Cinnamon is still offered along with Xfce and Razor-qt. KDE is noticeably missing from that list, thank you very much, but it seems that KDE is installed automagically if one chooses Razor-qt (using KWin window manager). The installer saw several other changes too, such as new artwork, a number of bugfixes, and one other new feature (autologin configuration).

For user of Cinnarch, further instructions for configuring their rolling distro's package manager and what to install to convert your install to Antergos are also included in the announcement. New ISOs were released for fresh installs. Antergos ships with Linux 3.9.2, Xorg Server 1.14.1, GCC 4.8.0 is installable, and GNOME 3.8.1.