Apache Holds Steady Market Share, Still Dominating Microsoft IIS

by Ostatic Staff - Jan. 20, 2009

Last March, we noted a decline in the dominance of the Apache web server, based on market research numbers from Netcraft, but we also noted that Apache continues to be much more popular than Microsoft IIS. Netcraft is out with new numbers for January of this year, which show Apache's market share growing about one percent for the month and staying very steady at about 50 percent of the web server market. Meanwhile, Microsoft's IIS is losing share. Here are some thoughts on Netcraft's findings.

The following Netcraft chart shows market share for top web servers across all domains, for the period ranging from August 1995 to January 2009.

Apache's overall market share remains at just above 50 percent, which is about where it was when we looked at Netcraft's numbers last March. However, Netcraft is reporting monthly losses for Microsoft IIS:

"Apache's market share grew by more than 1 percentage point this month, extending its lead over Microsoft IIS, which has fallen to less than a third of the market. In total, Apache gained 1.27 million sites this month. Microsoft showed the largest loss this month, after more than 2 million blogging sites running on Microsoft-IIS websites expired from the survey."

GFE, which is mainly used by Google's Blogger service to publish blogs under the blogspot.com domain, also lost nearly 600 thousand sites. However, the number of sites hosted on httpd and WebserverX both increased by about 20 percent.

The chart above shows that Apache sank from about 70 percent market share to about 50 percent between 2005 and 2008, and that caused many people in the open source world to predict that the fall would continue. It doesn't look like that's the case, though, proving once again that you definitely can't count Apache out.