Apple Copies Ubuntu, Pimping Scientific, and 500 Steam Games

by Ostatic Staff - Jun. 06, 2014

Jack Wallen today reported that Apple has introduced software that reminds him a whole lot of Ubuntu Unity Scopes. has "the ultimate Scientific Linux pimping guide." And finally in today's Linux news, is reporting that there are now 500 games on Steam for Linux.

Jack Wallen says the newly announced Apple OS X Yosemite is more or less a carbon copy of Ubuntu's Unity Scopes (and Dash) - but there's one big difference. He thinks Apple users will welcome the new application with open arms whereas most Ubuntu users worried of privacy when Ubuntu introduced theirs. It will be a huge success for Apple, Wallen thinks, because it makes life easier.

For those that run Scientific Linux, or would like to, Dedoimedo has published another one of his ultimate pimping guides. Because Scientific Linux might be a bit bland or outdated for some, he has provided "a bit of everything, and then some." He starts with additional repositories for extra software and ends with installing Compiz. You'll have to check the rest out for everything in between. (It's also relevant for other Red Hat clones and derivatives).

And finally on this slightly slow Friday is the news that Linux games on Steam now number 500. That breaks down to "467 single-player games, 120 multi-playergames, 81 cross-platform multi-player games, and 61 co-op games."

Bonus: * Fedora Resumes public IRC board meetings, first on "date -d '2014-06-09 17:00 UTC'"