Arch Tops Poll, Rawhide Review, a Mint Fail

by Ostatic Staff - Jan. 05, 2016

Today in Linux news Arch is currently topping a favorite distro poll beating out former giants Ubuntu and Mint. Jamie Watson got a new Acer machine for Christmas that doesn't like Linux and Dedoimedo isn't enamored with new Mint 17.3. Jesse Smith reviewed paldo Linux today at and Jack Germain tipped his hat to new Chapeau Linux.

FOSS Force is running a new poll and this time asking your favorite distribution of 2015 - although other operating systems are included. Apparently, this is a part one of two to determine who the winner will be and so far, FOSS Force is a favorite of Arch users. Arch is topping the poll with 20% so far with Mint coming in second with 18%. Ubuntu has earned 15% so far with Fedora and Debian following. Windows, OS X, and BSD have each received 1% of the participating votes and 13% use "Other." Go vote and keep an eye on FOSS Force for round 2 starting Friday.

Acer Aspire Z3 all-in-ones are a bit ornery when it comes to Linux according to new owner Jamie Watson. He was excited at first at the specs for the price until he tried to get Linux to boot with UEFI enabled. The machine threw every roadblock it could to stop Linux from booting leaving Watson with a touch of buyer's remorse. It would allow him to disable Secure Boot, but he doesn't want to do that. So for now he's hacking Windows boot files every time it decides to write over them. But Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols contends the old evil Microsoft empire has a new Linux-friendly king.

LifeHacker put together a little list of software/operating systems with their number of vulnerabilities discovered in 2015 and found that Windows didn't come in number one. OS X takes that honor with 384 with iPhone OS coming in second. Chrome came in eighth and Ubuntu came in eleventh. Various Windows versions fall in between tenth and eighteenth.

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