At Platform9, OpenStack-as-a-Service is the Focus

by Ostatic Staff - Apr. 26, 2016

Among the many approaches seen in the OpenStack arena, OpenStack as a service is emerging as an interesting choice. Platform9, which focuses on OpenStack-based private cloudy, has announced a new release of its Platform9 Managed OpenStack, which is a SaaS-based solution with integration for single sign-on (SSO) solutions. The company also updated its private-cloud-as-a service offering from OpenStack Juno to OpenStack Liberty.

Platform9's service-based approach helped it earn a Gartner 2016 Cool Vendor in Cloud Management honor. Here is more on how its solution works.

Platform9 claims that it orchestrates, performs, and validates each customer's OpenStack upgrade in about 20 minutes, eliminating the need for IT staffers to dedicate in-house resources to maintain a private cloud platform. Removing the IT middleman is key to the company's service-oriented strategy.

"Our goal at Platform9 is to deliver OpenStack in a way that is both enterprise-ready and easy to use," said Madhura Maskasky, Platform9 co-founder and vice president of products. "Our new release of Platform9 makes OpenStack even easier, giving our customers robust private cloud capabilities without the complications and hassle that often accompany OpenStack deployments and prevent customers from enjoying its powerful benefits."

According to the announcement, single-sign-on solutions are easy to deploy with the platform:

"Platform9 Managed OpenStack now includes SAML integration with Okta, providing easier SSO integration across groups of users and internal organizations. With the new capability, customers no longer have to create individual username- and password-based accounts for users; users maintain a single login and password across various tools in the environment, including Platform9 Managed OpenStack."

 Are you interested in exploring OpenStack without doing a full deployment? One of the challenges for those researching OpenStack as a private cloud solution is the extensive time and effort required to deploy it for initial exploration and evaluation. Platform9 is offering attendees at the Austin OpenStack Summit this week a specially packaged version of Platform9 Managed OpenStack, available on a USB stick that will "boot into OpenStack" on any Linux-compatible hardware. Those interested in exploring OpenStack can visit Platform9 at Booth A35 to learn more and request their "OpenStack on a Stick."

And, you can learn more about the oeveral platform here: Platform9 Managed OpenStack -

 "CIOs are looking to transform their highly virtualized datacenters into private cloud infrastructures, delivering greater management automation and efficiency to their organizations. They have been evaluating open source projects like OpenStack and KVM, but needed simplifications to the packaging and operational experience," said Mark Bowker, Senior Analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group, in a statement made previously. "Platform9's OpenStack-as-a-Service model simplifies the operational experience for OpenStack to make it accessible to a wide range of organizations. This innovative new approach to private cloud management could trigger the inflection point for OpenStack and private clouds we've been waiting for."