AtScale and Tableau Team on BI and Hadoop Mashup

by Ostatic Staff - Feb. 05, 2016

Last year, many tools that demystify and function as useful front-ends and connectors for the open source Hadoop project arrived. Hadoop has been the driving technology behind much of the Big Data trend, and there are many administrators who can benefit from simplified dashboards and analytics tools that work with it.

Also last year, AtScale, billed as “the first company to allow business users to do business intelligence on Hadoop,” arrived, with notable backers including Yahoo co-founder Jerry Yang.  Now AtScale has announced a new technology partnership with visualization software company Tableau.

AtScale says it is focused on marrying the $20 billion Business Intelligence market and the $50 billion Big Data industry. It is partnering with Tableau to deliver what it claims is the industry's first "BI on Hadoop" accelerator with a special program for Tableau customers.

"This solution enables business users to run analytics on Hadoop at 100X the performance, with enterprise-grade security and without requiring I.T. departments to move, transform or sample data to make it available for analysis," the company reports.

"Tableau helps people see and understand data," says Michael Hoff, Vice President of Channel at Tableau. "Customers who have deployed AtScale have experienced tremendous performance improvements and like the solution's simplicity and tight integration with Tableau. We look forward to working with AtScale to bring this solution to market with a special program for our customers. Tableau customers and partners should look at this new offer as an "all-in-one" solution which will help meet their BI on Hadoop needs."

AtScale, backed by investors Jerry Yang (co-founder at Yahoo!) and Amr Awadallah (co-founder at Cloudera), partnered with Tableau to further enable business users to analyze data at unlimited scale, unprecedented speed and security.  

"Our common vision is to provide business users with an enterprise-grade experience on Hadoop," says Dave Mariani, CEO and Founder of AtScale.  "Tableau's enterprise customers have already experienced the benefits of our approach and with this new offer, any business user can unleash Tableau on Hadoop in minutes and query billions of rows at top speed."

The AtScale Tableau "BI on Hadoop" offer includes:

- Seamless integration with Tableau Server, providing security and speed to organizations that want to provide broad access to Hadoop in a governed manner.  The solution requires no data movement and maximizes data access without compromising security.

- Native support for Tableau Desktop.  AtScale integrates directly with Tableau Desktop and requires no client or agent download.  Customers can query Hadoop in minutes, at top speed, without having to go through local setup and installation.

- Rapid Prototype Environment.  AtScale partners will be able to deploy this "BI on Hadoop" offer in a contained environment supporting all Hadoop distributions.

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