Automatically Snag Podcasts From the Internet With Juice

by Ostatic Staff - Jul. 06, 2009

Unless you're ingesting insane amounts of caffeine, you're probably not staying awake around the clock to listen to your favorite podcasts the second they're put online. Juice, an open source podcast receiver, lets you snag your favorite audio programs from the Internet and store them on your computer until you're ready to listen.

Juice is a cross-platform app that runs on Linux, Mac, and Windows. Once installed, simply point it to the URL of your favorite podcasts and decide whether you want it to download them automatically or manually.

Easily add, delete, and manage subscriptions in just a few clicks, then categorize podcasts in a customizable directory. Your files can then be played through your computer's media player, or loaded on to a portable device for on-the-go listening.

Juice is written in Python and licensed under the GPL. It supports several languages and works with feed managers like PodNova. Like most open source projects, Juice is always looking for volunteers, specifically anyone willing to help with documentation translation and editing. All you need is a free account on the Juicepedia wiki, so sign up and jump right in.