Basho Open Sources Database Optimized for Internet of Things

by Ostatic Staff - May. 05, 2016

As we noted in our interview with Philip DesAutels, who leads The AllSeen Alliance, open source and the Internet of Things (IoT) are on convergent paths, and that's a good thing. “We are building out an open source software project that delivers code that will help people build interoperable tools and devices,” he told us. Along with these tools, though, the whole ecosystem of applications that can boos IoT needs to embrace open source.

Now, Basho Technologies, which focuses on Big Data and databases, has open sourced Riak TS, an enterprise-grade NoSQL database optimized for IoT and time series data. The open source version enables developers to download the software for free and use it in production as well as make contributions.

"Enhancements to Riak TS make it quick, easy and cost-effective to spin up an instance to test new ideas and build IoT applications," the company claims. "In addition to making Riak TS available as open source software, version 1.3 expands support for SQL commands, enhances API support and provides support for shell commands. Riak TS Enterprise 1.3 also includes Multi-cluster Replication."

The Basho community at large also contributes projects directly to the Basho Labs Repository, a repository to share code.

What are the trends involving IoT and related data analytics? “In a recent ESG survey, 48 percent of respondents declared big data and analytics initiatives their number one priority; an additional 32 percent rank big data and analytics initiatives in their top five priorities,” said Nik Rouda, senior analyst, ESG. “Today, big data is maturing into a pervasive IT undertaking that requires active collaboration from all of an organization’s various operating facets. A very common goal is implementing tools built for operational efficiency. Especially as data variety grows — in the form of unstructured, often time-stamped IoT data — deriving value from data more quickly and at lower costs will be paramount for competitive advantage. Riak TS 1.3 represents a robust purpose-built solution for time series data making big data analytics projects easier to deploy, manage and maintain.”

Increasingly, IoT is generating time series data — data marked with a timestamp — from a variety of sources, such as sensors. The sheer volume of time series data these sources generates requires databases that can efficiently and reliably store and query time series data. "Riak TS delivers on this need and allows both open source and commercial customers to perform the associated queries and transactions on time series data, while maintaining high availability and scale," according to Basho officials.

“The data-rich experiences Intellicore provides to all screens, be they handheld or broadcast, that deliver on the promises made by our global customers, such as Formula E, require real-time processing and analysis of large streams of sensor information with literally hundreds of models running to provide the enhanced user experience viewers demand,” said Christian Trotobas, founder and CEO, Intellicore. “Uncovering and leveraging insight and value in real time from many different data streams is very challenging, and we quickly reached the limits of existing database technologies. Because Basho’s Riak TS is engineered and optimized for time series data sets, Intellicore’s ability to rapidly deliver at massive scale has been enhanced.”

You can find out much more about this newly open sourced database here