Behold: The Birth of "GNOME Software"

by Ostatic Staff - Mar. 05, 2013

Richard Hughes has been working on a new package manager for the GNOME desktop that he's dubbed "GNOME Software." With it, and the right plugins, a user might install software from just about any repository.

It may not surprise folks that GNOME Software "currently uses" PackageKit. PackageKit has had the goal of providing one package manager for them all and, in their words, "to make the process suck less."

Now Hughes is working on "improving software installation in GNOME." This isn't designed to replace GNOME PackageKit, but GNOME Software will be an "application management application" that doesn't show "low level details for power users. From a end-user point of view, packages are just an implementation detail. The idea is hide all the gutty details about the application update/install/removal itself."

A mockup of browsing Installed

Plugins can let users take advantage of "redistributable things like listaller and glick2 static blobs. People want to play with updating an OS image like ostree and that's all awesome. Packages are pretty useful in some situations, but we don't want to limit ourselves to being just another package installer."

A mockup of browsing available Updates

See Hughes' post for more details and the rest of the mockups on Hughes has asked for community feedback and welcomes all "comments, suggestions and flames."