Best Desktop for You, Qubes Most Secure, and Fedora on TV

by Ostatic Staff - Aug. 07, 2014

Today in Linux news, Jack Wallen has some advice for choosing the best Linux desktop for you. says Qubes 2 is probably the most secure operating system out there. Ubuntu 12.04.5 LTS and KDE Frameworks 5.1 were released. And Scott Dowdle spotted Fedora on TNT the other night.

Jack Wallen in an exclusive at says, "I want to take some of the most popular desktops and match them to end users." He says Unity is for new users who want to be connected and don't really care about customization. KDE is for Windows users looking for the easiest transition to Linux and prefer the "traditional desktop metaphor over a modern look and feel." Deepin if for anyone looking for something different. See the full article to discover what your desktop says about you.

Scott Dowdle over at Montana Linux heard the names of Fedora, Apache, and Linux mentioned on TNT's Major Crimes television show. I don't follow that series, but the clip Dowdle embedded appears to show a police techie reassuring detectives he can break into the "Fedora under Linux" server and reset the root password. But go there to watch it all.

Jim Whitehurst was interviewed today by The Motley Fool's Anders Bylund. He says, "Whitehurst sees 2014 playing out pretty much as he had expected. Open-source solutions are stealing market share from traditional, proprietary software packages -- including in industries that used to stay away from this newfangled development method." See that full interview at

Qubes is a distribution based on "Xen, X Window System, and Linux and can run most Linux applications and utilize most of the Linux drivers," says They further say Qubes "was built as a virtual stronghold and it should be one of the most secure operating systems available right now." But it's not for beginners according to

In other news:

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