Black Duck Announces Open Source Rookies of the Year

by Ostatic Staff - Jan. 27, 2015

Black Duck Software, the OSS Logistics solutions provider, today announced its seventh annual Black Duck Open Source Rookies of the Year awards, which recognizes the top new open source projects initiated in 2014. This year's honorees span security, cloud storage, Bitcoin marketplaces, DevOps tools, and database management. The projects specifically address needs in the enterprise, consumer applications, and the Docker community.

As always, this list is more than worth a look, and has previously called out important projects like OpenStack and Docker early in their lifecycles.

Black Duck Open Source Rookies of the Year are selected irrespective of commercial motivations, according to Black Duck officials. Rather, they reflect projects that have demonstrated significant traction through developer contributions and involvement over the past year. 

This year’s list members reflect trends and dynamic contributions to the open source community. The Open Source Rookies of the Year for 2014 are:

cAdvisor – analyzes resource usage and performance characteristics of running containers.

CockroachDB – a scalable, geo-replicated, transactional datastore.

CodeCombat – a multiplayer programming game for learning how to code.

DebOps – a collection of Ansible playbooks and roles, scalable from one container to an entire data center.

IPFS – a global, versioned, peer-to-peer file system.

Kubernetes – an open source container cluster manager used to accelerate development and simplify operations.

Neovim – the Vim text editor has been loved by a generation of users. Neovim is the next generation.

OpenBazaar – a decentralized marketplace for instantly trading with anyone using Bitcoin.

Storj – based on blockchain technology and peer-to-peer protocols, Storj provides the most secure, private, and encrypted cloud storage. – a tool for building, changing, and combining infrastructure safely and efficiently.

Honorable Mentions: Drone-Ci, a Continuous Integration platform built on Docker and written in Go, and Docker Fig, which provides fast, isolated development environments using Docker.

“I’m always excited about publishing our annual Open Source Rookies of the Year report. It reflects the highly visible projects from well-known contributors, and also reveals hidden gems that often grow into important, meaningful projects,” said Dave Gruber, Vice President, Product Management & Product Marketing, Black Duck Software, in a statement. “Navigating the more than one million meaningful open source projects in the world is becoming an overwhelming task for developers today, so we are happy to help leverage the Black Duck KnowledgeBase and Black Duck Open Hub to identify a short-list of the newest up-and-comers from the past year.”

You can find coverage of several of these emerging projects here on OStatic, and InfoWorld has a good slideshow with details on this year's honorees.  We've covered Kubernetes here and here, as well as Docker and the emerging ecosystem of tools surrounding it.