Blender 2.64 released

by Ostatic Staff - Oct. 03, 2012

Blender, popular 3D graphics manipulation app, was updated to version 2.6.4 today. "This release was targeted at improving Blender for the Mango open movie project, along with integrating branches and patches from the past years." In addition, Blenders' fourth open movie recently premiered.

The highlights of this release include:

Mask Editor

"Masks can now be created in the image and movie clip editor. They can be used in compositing to define areas of influence for nodes or block out unwanted objects."

Compositing Improvements

"A completely new compositing nodes backend was implemented. This new tiled based compositor gives quicker feedback while editing and uses less memory."

Motion Tracker

"Motion tracking was significantly improved by adding planar tracking, and unifying the existing trackers into one Hybrid tracker with finer control."


"Various speed improvements were implemented in the sequencer, for caching and multithreading of effect strips, to make color grading more interactive."

Green Screen

"Two new compositing nodes have been developed which are aimed at making green screen keying easier."

Of course, there are lots more improvements and bug fixes. See the full announcement for more details and downloading information.

In addition, Tears of Steel, the latest Blender created movie premiered September 26. You can read more about it and watch it at