Bodhi 3.0 Released, Top 11 Distros for 2015

by Ostatic Staff - Feb. 17, 2015

Jeff Hoogland today announced Bodhi Linux 3.0.0. This is the first release after the scare of losing founder and lead developer; a release many thought may never come just a short while ago. Over at Swapnil Bhartiya penned an article describing the best Linux contenders in a variety of categories for the coming year. Elsewhere, five developers say Linux should be used for making music.

It's nice to see Bodhi Linux 3.0 released today as it was just a couple of months ago many feared this day wouldn't come. But it has and today's release features Enlightenment E19.3, Linux 3.16, Terminology 0.8.0, and UEFI support. Accompanying this release is brand new website and forums - which look great. You can almost hear the joy from users in the comments. "This is amazing, thanks for all your hard work" is just one example. Download the latest at

In other news, Swapnil Bhartiya offered up The Top 11 Best Linux Distros for 2015. He said elementary OS is the most beautiful and openSUSE is best for the desktop. Debian is the best for servers, because as Bhartiya said, "Nothing could possibly go wrong on a Debian server." Steam OS is the best for gaming and he said Sugar is the best for children.

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