Bodhi 3.2.1 Released, Open Source Evolution

by Ostatic Staff - May. 14, 2016

Jeff Hoogland today announced Bodhi Linux 3.2.1 with bug fixes for issues discovered since 3.2.0. Debian thanked Mythic Beast for a hardware loan and Chris Hoffman wrote the Ubuntu BQ Aquaris M10 isn't "quite finished." Elsewhere, posted "The Evolution of Open Source" and Sam Varghese said today that the "day of reckoning" has arrived for BitKeeper's Larry McVoy.

Jeff Hoogland posted of the release of Bodhi Linux 3.2.1 on the blog today saying, "This is an unscheduled bug fix release." He said the wrong kernel headers were included in 3.2.0 and that was fixed with this release. Also fixed was a bug in multi-monitor support in Moksha and a misconfiguration in the default theme was addressed. Hoogland said those updating regularly already have the fixes, but new ISOs were released for new installs.

The Debian Project today posted a public thank you to Mythic Beast for providing a "large build machine with 12 cores, 256 GB RAM, multiple disks, SSDs and NVMe storage." They were able to test the equipment with their workloads to determine which configuration works best. They found SSD works well for the working filesystem and pre-caching in RAM didn't help much. During output SSDs weren't any faster than disks. "This data will allow us to effectively tune our next build server for best results."

A post appeared on the Sourceforge blog today discussing the evolution of Open Source. It began, "It's unclear exactly when open sourcing truly began, but many would agree that it started way back in the ‘80s when software was free by default and sharing of code was widespread." It was about then "Stallman emerged and brought the concept of open source out into the world." The post then jumped to Linus Torvalds and the creation of the Linux kernel. It said Stallman's efforts were "a moral crusade" but Torvalds et al. were motivated by need more than values. Open Source is the norm today according to Sourceforge and as for the future "Open Source is headed somewhere good."

 In other news:

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* Day of reckoning arrives for BitKeeper's Larry McVoy

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