Bodhi 4 Alpha, More Tor Heads Roll, Wily Werewolf EOL

by Ostatic Staff - Jul. 28, 2016

Today the Bodhi project announced the release of version 4.0.0 Alpha for 64-bit computers only. The final will include support for 32-bit. Elsewhere, Ubuntu 15.10 hit its end of life and the Tor project dismissed two more individuals for inappropriate behavior. Carla Schroder shared some Bash tips for sysadmins and Technews listed commands to avoid.

Bodhi 4.0.0 Alpha was released today by Jeff Hoogland saying, "Not only is our first 4.0.0 alpha release here – but it is here relatively on schedule." This being an Alpha it does have some known issues such as the installer asking for a password and some junk in the menus. It is also only offered for 64-bit architectures, but the final should be available in 32-bit as well according to the announcement. Hoogland stated the main purpose of this alpha is to get feedback about the Moksha desktop on the Ubuntu 16.04 base. If things continue to go well, Hoogland said the final may be released in September. Downloads are hosted at and the md5sums are listed in the announcement.

The Tor Project announced today the conclusion of their internal investigation into the conduct of Jacob Appelbaum, who had been accused of inappropriate sexual behavior. Their investigation found a number of incidents of such conduct not only from Appelbaum but two others as well. The other two had left the project by the time of the statement. In addition codes of conduct, anti-harassment policies, a community council, complaint procedures, and the like have been instituted as well.

Ubuntu 15.10 will be supported no more. If you haven't upgraded yet, it is suggested to do so. Ubuntu 16.04 is a Long Term Support release and will be supported until 2021. Upcoming 16.10 will receive the usual nine months of security and critical fixes.

In other news:

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