Bodhi Founder Returning as Ubuntu Heads to Mars

by Ostatic Staff - Jan. 19, 2015

Bodhi Linux founder, who recently resigned from the project, has announced that he's decided to return. Accompanying that news was also the announcement for Bodhi Linux 3.0 RC2. Elsewhere, Gary Newell briefly recaps the top 10 distributions of 2014 and is reporting that Fedora 23 is likely to default to Wayland. Adam Williamson introduces Updatrex™ in response to PackageKit bug and said today that Ubuntu will probably be the first operating system on Mars.

The top story today was the brief announcement by Jeff Hoogland that he's is officially returning to his former position as lead developer and manager of the Bodhi Linux project that he founded nearly four years ago. He didn't explain his decision to return in that post (or anywhere I can find), but one wonders if his interview last week with Christine Hall had anything to do with it; all that reminiscing about the unexpected success of the one-man distro. In that January 12 interview Hoogland said nothing of returning and, in fact, reiterated the then current structure. Plans for his future included lending a hand to the project from time to time, which is what Hoogland said at the time of his departure.

In today's announcement, Hoogland also announced the availability of Bodhi Linux 3.0 RC2. It shipped with Enlightenment 19.2, Linux 3.16, and is based on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Core. See the announcement for download links. Bodhi Linux 3.0 removes the user theme configuration at the start of first boot and will instead incorporate a release-wide uniformity. Hoogland and colleagues have also been working on the Bodhi Linux website and forums, so excuse the cones. is today reporting that Ubuntu may soon be heading to Mars. Silviu Stahie said that NASA is hoping to put boots and operating systems on Mars by 2025 and since Ubuntu is Bas Lansdorp's favorite, it'll probably be the first one. "This would actually make a lot of sense, if you want to get something stable and capable or running for years on end, without breaking."

Adam Williamson today blogged about a new mysterious bug in the Fedora 21 PackageKit stack that causes up to seriously annoying issues. Williamson says they're working on the problems and have an early update in repos. His post gives more details and how to.

In other Fedora news, today reported that Fedora 23 could be the version that switches Fedora's graphical system from Xorg to Wayland. "By the Fedora 23 release due out before the end of the calendar year we could see Wayland-by-default on this major tier-one Linux distribution." Additionally, Kevin Fenzi today posted about recently Fedora Infrastructure database dumps.

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