Bodhi Linux 2.0 Almost Ready

by Ostatic Staff - Jul. 19, 2012

Bodhi Linux made quite a splash last year earning raving reviews from users and respected writers. Fast forward to yesterday when Jeff Hoogland announced Bodhi Linux 2.0 Release Candidate.

Bodhi Linux had climbed to the top 20 in Distrowatch Page Hit Ranking last year. Although it's fallen a bit lately, the next release is bound to give it another bump. Developmental images have been made available for the upcoming release and Hoogland says of the latest, "I am stamping this build as our "release candidate" meaning that is is a stable working environment and something extremely close to this release will become our "stable"/final 2.0.0 release by the end of this month."

Bodhi Linux 2.0 RC Fancy Desktop Profile

He does warn users that despite his statement, not all software in the repository has been fully updated for 2.0 just yet and "one of the current .BOD files obtained via the "Download" buttons are functional with 2.0.0 and they should not under any circumstance be installed on a 2.0.0 system." He'll let you know when they're ready.

Download Bodhi Linux 2.0 RC