Canonical Delivers OpenStack Autopilot for Easy Cloud Management

by Ostatic Staff - Nov. 17, 2015

Canonical has been squarely focused on OpenStack and bringing private clouds to everyone for some time now. Now, the company company has released OpenStack Autopilot, a cloud management tool for Ubuntu Linux that can automate and ease many of the complex processes involved in deploying and managing OpenStack.

Some people are already familiar with Autopilot, as it has been in beta testing for some time. As The VAR Guy notes:

"Autopilot, which has been available in beta form since last year and now enters general availability, is a feature in Landscape, Canonical's platform for managing deployments of Ubuntu systems. It extends the product to include support for automated OpenStack deployment and administration using Ubuntu servers. It can set up clouds, add new hardware to existing clouds and assist with cloud management."

Canonical adds:

Canonical’s OpenStack Autopilot builds and manages a highly resilient OpenStack cloud from the bare metal up

Accelerates installation and implements best practice architectures based on resources available

OpenStack Autopilot is part of Landscape, our management tool for Ubuntu, sold through Ubuntu Advantage

Try OpenStack Autopilot on up to 10 machines for free. When you need to scale your cloud, you can buy extra Ubuntu Advantage licenses

 Note that you can also test drive Autopilot to see if it meets your needs.

Canonical has drawn a lot of attention for unveiling its own Ubuntu OpenStack distribution, and running its OpenStack Interoperability Lab, which has helped guarantee compatibility between technologies deployed in OpenStack clouds. Additionally, Ubuntu is what more than half of OpenStack clouds are built on, according to numerous surveys. 

For many companies that don't have extra funds to hire people with OpenStack expertise, Autopilot may make a big difference.