Canonical Offers Easiest Solution Yet for Deploying OpenStack

by Ostatic Staff - Oct. 23, 2015

As covered here earlier, Canonical has announced the release of Ubuntu 15.10 and all its facets today. It is not a huge upgrade from the perspective of typical users. However, Ubuntu remains the most popular platform for OpenStack to be deployed on. In fact, some research shows that over 50 percent of OpenStack deployments are built on Ubuntu.

The new version of Ubuntu features an accompanying service offering that functions as an Ubuntu OpenStack cloud deployer and management tool - OpenStack Autopilot. It's billed as "the most powerful and easiest way to deploy scale and manage Ubuntu OpenStack clouds without the complexity and costs associated with major cloud projects."

The new service, launched alongside Ubuntu 15.10, has been created to allow businesses to build and manage Ubuntu OpenStack clouds quickly, easily without the need for expensive, hard to find OpenStack cloud architects.

 According to Canonical:

Autopilot has been built using the insight, experience and tools that reside within the OpenStack Interoperability Lab (OIL), the world’s only Interoperability Lab in which hundreds of OpenStack clouds are built per day using technologies from over 35 Canonical partners. The reference architecture used has been developed over the last 4 years based on Canonical experience supporting more OpenStack clouds in production than any other OpenStack distribution company.

Autopilot deploys, manages and scales Ubuntu 14.04 LTS and Ubuntu OpenStack Kilo. It has been designed to fully support in place upgrades between releases. 

 “One of the biggest issues organisations using OpenStack face is how to scale their clouds in line with expansion without having to employ expensive cloud architects to manually re-design them. Autopilot offers enterprises a smart, way to scale their cloud technically and financially,” said Shawn Madden, Autopilot Product Manager at Canonical. “We have built Autopilot to deliver superior scale and economics in a simple to use package.”

Ubuntu is the most widely used cloud platform and Ubuntu OpenStack the most widely deployed OpenStack cloud distribution - 57% according the latest Linux Foundation Survey.