Canonical Provides Easy Access to Linux Games for Ubuntu Users

by Ostatic Staff - Jun. 01, 2012

Once upon a time, characterizing Linux as a rich gaming platform would have provoked laughter. But, slowly and steadily, the Linux gaming scene is getting more interesting. We've covered the Desura Linux client, which offers a huge array of cool Linux games, a number of which you can get bundled in one download. The games available range from sports titles to action and adventure games, and can be sorted by popularity and other metrics. Now, Canonical has announced the availability of the Humble Indie Bundle 5 through the Ubuntu Software Center, making it easy for Ubuntu users to start playing a whole array of games.

According to Canonical:

"Just like previous releases, the Humble Indie Bundle 5 lets customers name their own price, paying only what they think the software is worth. The proceeds are then split between the game developers, charities and the Humble Bundle organizers. For this bundle, the chosen charities are EFF and Child’s Play.

We’ve also committed to contribute $100 to this bundle for every Humble Indie Bundle 5 game page on the Ubuntu App Directory that receives 5,000 Facebook likes. So please help us spread the word and let’s get captivating puzzle-platformer LIMBO to 5,000 first."

Developers who would like to learn more about adding their games to the Ubuntu Software Center can also get information through Canonical.