Ceph Cookbook Provides Software-Defined Storage Guidance

by Ostatic Staff - Mar. 28, 2016

Ceph, an open source, software-defined storage system, has made a big impact in many cloud deployments, and is already well-known to quite a few OpenStack administrators. Ceph works with commodity hardware and takes innovative approaches to reliability and near-infinite scalability for storage in the cloud.

Now, Karan Singh, a system specialist specializing in cloud systems, is out with a useful guide to Ceph. The Ceph Cookbook bills itself as consisting of "recipes" for deploying and managing Ceph at scale. Here is how to get the book for a steep discount.

The cookbook itself retails for $35.99 but Packt Publishing is offering a 50 percent discount on the ebook version. To get the discount, type the promo code "CEPH50" at checkout.

According to Packt:

"This book takes you from a basic knowledge of Ceph to an expert understanding of the most advanced features, walking you through building up a production-grade Ceph storage cluster and helping you develop all the skills you need to plan, deploy, and effectively manage your Ceph cluster. Beginning with the basics, you’ll create a Ceph cluster, followed by block, object, and file storage provisioning. Next, you’ll get a step-by-step tutorial on integrating it with OpenStack and building a Dropbox-like object storage solution. We’ll also take a look at federated architecture and CephFS, and you’ll dive into Calamari and VSM for monitoring the Ceph environment. You’ll develop expert knowledge on troubleshooting and benchmarking your Ceph storage cluster. Finally, you’ll get to grips with the best practices to operate Ceph in a production environment."

 Ceph is the most popular storage backend for Openstack, and if you want to go beyond what is available in free documentation, give this book some consideration.