Chomp Provides a Flexible Way to Discover Good Android Apps

by Ostatic Staff - Mar. 01, 2011

We've made the point many times that as the open source Android mobile OS increasingly competes with the iPhone and other leading mobile platforms, rich availability of applications will be critical. After all, Apple's App Store is loaded with applications, and apps have always helped usher in success for upcoming operating systems. Increasingly, Android Market is not the only place to go to to discover compelling Android applications, and one of the more interesting new ways to discover them is Chomp, an iPhone app search engine that now caters to Android users. If you're in search of Android apps, you should check Chomp out.

As seen in the screenshot above, Chomp advertises its "Now for Android" status right at the top of its home page, where it also gathers trending searches, and lets you search easily for Android apps, or browse them if you prefer. As more and more apps appear for mobile platforms, many users are browsing extensively to help discover new offerings.

Chomp also features recommendations, and reviews of apps. If you're an Android user who is used to trying to discover new apps directly from Android Market on your phone, you should also look into Google's online version of it. Personally, I find myself browsing and reading reviews more and more as I look for good Android apps, and it's more efficient to do this on a computer than a phone. The really good news is that there are more and more ways to search for and discover these apps.