Chumby Product Line Expands by One

by Ostatic Staff - Nov. 12, 2009

As I just got done saying a couple days ago, we here at OStatic love our chumbys. The always-on wireless device is as cute as it is handy, keeping you connected to all your favorite Web sites like Flickr,, and Twitter. The chumby is fully hackable, from its open source software to its leather-and-plastic housing. Now, the chumby has a little sister fresh on the shelves -- the chumby One.

The newest chumby still sports a touchscreen, accelerometer, and a stereo headphone output jack. Unlike its big brother, however, it also features an external volume knob, FM radio tuner, and a slot for a rechargeable lithium ion battery (not included).

The rest of the specs:

* 4" wide x 4" tall x 3.5" deep
* 1 USB 2.0 high-speed port
* 454 MHz ARM processor
* 2 GB internal microSD card
* 2W mono speaker
* AC adapter included
* Wi-fi connectivity (802.11 b/g)
* USB ethernet compatible
* Dimmable backlight
* One-click control panel access
* Access to free chumby content
* Over-the-air software updates

The chumby one also has a completely different look. Now it resembles a tiny plastic television instead of a small football. The cool little device is on backorder until approximately November 25, 2009, but can be snapped up for $119.95, substantially less than the $199 that the chumby classic goes for. The company is also offering "chumby insiders" $20 off the new device for a limited time (see Web site for details).

If you've been wanting a chumby (and, really, who doesn't?) but haven't wanted to shell out $200 clams for one, now's your chance to grab one for less. They're loads of fun to use and make great gifts.